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地方都市でもマニラ同様、ショッピングモールがある。イロイロの場合、SM City, SM Delgado, Robinson、そして、地元資本である

Being the regional capital and the regional transportation hub, Iloilo City has a number of malls serving it, among them: SM City Iloilo (at 101,000 sqm floor area, it is the largest mall in the region), SM Delgado, SM Jaro (which houses Iloilo City's first Hypermart), Robinson's Place Iloilo (the city's second largest mall and the largest Robinson's Mall outside Metro Manila, Iloilo City Hall is currently temporarily located on its 3rd level), Gaisano City Iloilo (it is the largest Gaisano Mall in the region with a floor area of 72,000 sqm), Marymart Mall, The Atrium, Amigo Mall, Times Square.

Atrium Shopping Mall

One of the popular malls in Iloilo is the Atrium Shopping Center. It is a huge establishment that boasts of a parking garage, a large supermarket, the Day’s Hotel, a two-storey McDonalds and numerous stores and restaurants. If you need to purchase household appliances or accessories, you can visit the mall’s Home Store. This is one of the best places to find kitchen and household equipment. You can enjoy Iloilo shopping for imported products at the Atrium’s supermarket. You will find salad greens, seasonings and herbs. You will also find fresh seafood; but the price can be a bit expensive, so it is wiser to go to the local market for seafood. The Atrium is actually the favorite shopping place of expats in Iloilo.

S&M Delgado



S&M City

Iloilo shopping also offers SM City shopping. This mall is part of the chain of SM City malls scattered all over the country. Iloilo’s SM City is actually the largest and the most popular mall in the area. It is always packed especially during the weekends. This is not really surprising because the mall boasts of a wide collection of stores, shops and restaurants that practically offer everything that you could possibly need. In short, the mall has everything that you need. You will find a huge grocery store that offers a huge selection of imported items like Italian Pesto, green olives or Spanish capers.


Another big mall in Iloilo is Robinson’s. Shopping in this mall has some advantages over shopping in SM City. First of all, you don’t have to go outside the city proper just to enjoy some Iloilo shopping. You can just walk from the Central Market to Robinson’s and it won’t take you longer than a few minutes. It is near banks and all other city landmarks. This mall offers a very enjoyable experience. It is less chaotic and crowded than SM and it contains the usual supply of restaurants and stores.

Gaisano City


Cental Market (Wet Market), Public Market

If you are looking for fresh foods at cheap prices, you should definitely go to the Central Market or the Iloilo Public Market. The prices here are cheaper than those you will find in grocery stores. The products are also fresher and better. However, you may have to contend with the huge crowd and traffic.

While you’re at the Central Market, you should consider getting the best cookies in Iloilo. You will find this at Mama’s Kitchen Cookies.

Central Market (Dry Market)



Ilonggo Producers Association Trade Center

A complete Iloilo shopping tour includes shopping for local products or handicrafts. Fortunately, you can find the best local products in the Ilonggo Producers Association Trade Center or the IPA Center. You will find a wide selection of local products, for which the place is known for. This includes delicate pastries, exquisitely-made wood carvings, intricate embroideries and cloths made of abaca. This place showcases the ingenuity and artistry of the Iloilo’s locals. You can get bags, baskets, furniture, ceramics, woodcraft, fabrics, paintings and more. This is perfect place to get your souvenirs before you go home.

Amigo Mall



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